Madison Granite

Madison Gold

Madison Gold crushed granite, comes from one of the oldest quarries in the valley.  It is our most popular decorative ground cover.  Being a light tan color it blends well with the desert environment. The small amounts of mica flecked through it causes a sparkling effect in the sunlight. 

Madison Gold is a hard and durable granite which creates a clean, easy to maintain, natural looking landscape.  Being a native mined material, this decomposed granite will have color and shade variation. 

With color changes occurring over a period of time in the mined vein, exact matching of existing granite may not occur. You are always welcome to stop by our yard where you can see the material and our knowledgeable staff can help you select the stone that best fits your needs. 

Madison Gold
Madison Gold

Madison Gold Crushed Granite

1/4" Minus

1/4" Minus Madison Gold

1/4" minus contains up to 80% - 90% of fines and dust particles.   A tight packing material 1/4" minus is generally used for pathways, driveways, under pavers or artificial turf.

1/4" Washed

1/4" Washed Madison Gold

1/4" washed has less than 10% of crushed fines and dust particles.  At 1/4″ in size, the washed clean stone creates a nice natural looking landscape. 

1/2" Minus

1/2" Minus Madison Gold

1/2" minus contains up to 40% - 50% of crushed fines and dust particles. The crushed granite pieces measure 1/2" and smaller.  1/2" minus is popular for a natural looking, easy to maintain, landscape.   

1/2" Washed

1/2" Washed Madison Gold

1/2" washed is our #1 seller for landscape design and maintenance.   1/2" washed has up to 10% of crushed fines in the product.  At 1/2″ in size, the washed clean stone is extremely popular for use in home landscape designs. 

3/4" Mixed

3/4" Mixed Madison Gold

 3/4" mixed has up to 30% to 50%  of crushed fines and dust particles.  The crushed granite pieces are 3/4" and smaller.  Being larger and heavier in weight  3/4" mixed  is a good choice for sloping areas in your landscape design. 

3/4" Sized

3/4" Sized Madison Gold

3/4" sized contains 20% to 30% of dust particles.  The crushed granite pieces are more consistently 3/4" in size because of the screening process. 3/4" sized is popular for ground cover.

Madison Gold Rip Rap

Rip Rap is used for river runs and erosion control in ditches and swales to slow down running water. The Madison Gold Rip-Rap in our yard ranges in size from 2" to 4". 

Madison Gold Rip Rap
Madison Gold Rip Rap

Delivery Area

We deliver a variety of the Madison Gold products to communities in North Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Carefree, Rio Verde, Fountain Hills, Anthem, Desert Hills and New River.

It is recommended that you check with your particular HOA regarding guidelines for approved rock color and sizes.